What kind of backpack?

February 13, 2020 Sport

Hiking in the mountains, forests or other areas is a great form of outdoor activity. Not only does it allow you to stay outdoors or admire the landscape, but it also has a positive impact on your health. Hiking strengthens the muscles, increases the efficiency of the body, shapes the silhouette and can even be a remedy for depression. People who are under a lot of stress can also find relief in nature, which is why trekking is so recommended by all enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle. However, wandering, especially for a few days, involves taking the necessary items with you. A good tourist backpack will help to keep them.

If you are planning a longer trip to the mountains or the forest, it is necessary to take your backpack with you. This is the best solution to pack your belongings efficiently. It is hard to imagine wandering around any terrain, e.g. with an ordinary fabric bag. Holding such a heavy burden for a long time would not only be inconvenient, but even impossible. To make it easier for you to move around on flat or any other terrain, you should buy a good backpack. It will allow you to store your clothes, shoes, food, documents, first aid kit, towel and all other necessary items. However, not everyone knows what such a backpack for out-of-town trips should be like. It is worth getting acquainted with the equipment of tourist rucksacks to buy the right model.

What kind of backpack should it be?

During the hike, the backpack must not become an unpleasant burden. A badly chosen one will only slow down the expedition, so it is so important to buy good equipment. Tourist rucksacks are quite specific products, which are quite different from ordinary city rucksacks used on a daily basis or typical sports rucksacks. What features does a tourist backpack have that will allow you to move comfortably in the mountains and other areas?

1)The backpack should be light in itself so as not to be an extra burden. In the end, the packed things themselves will weigh quite a lot.

2)The rack is the base for large tourist backpacks. Constructed of carbon fibre or aluminium, the backpack adheres well to the body, making it easy to carry.

3)There must be an adjustable carrying system in the tourist backpack. It allows for precise adjustment of the backpack to your body.

4)A backpack for hiking should be spacious. For a few days' excursions it is best to buy models over 50 liters.

5)Hip and chest belt are necessary elements of the largest backpacks. They transfer the weight of the baggage from shoulders to other parts of the body.

6)The irrigation system, a special water tank installed in the backpack, may seem like an unnecessary addition, but it is extremely practical.

7)Shoulder straps are also an important part of the backpack, because their softness significantly affects the comfort of hiking or climbing.

The best backpack for tourists

Many people do not quite know which backpack to choose. No wonder, as manufacturers offer very different models. The best tourist backpack is the one that fits the activity - for long trips, a 50-litre backpack or a larger one will come in handy, a simple, padded backpack with a capacity of 30 litres is sufficient for one-day trips. Additional advantages of a tourist backpack can be: detachable chimney stack, additional attachments (e.g. for trekking poles), ventilation system or waterproof covers.

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February 13, 2020 Sport