Fast flowering cannabis seeds

August 10, 2021 Interesting facts

From time to time, some growers find themselves in a situation where they need a fast-growing and fast-flowering cannabis variety that they can harvest in the shortest possible time.

If you need fast flowering cannabis seeds, we recommend these five of our preferred varieties. Each of them will produce a quick and heavy yield with high THC levels.

How fast does cannabis grow?

How fast does cannabis grow? When grown indoors and given 20 hours of daylight, most autoflowering seeds will be ready to harvest after about 75 days (10-11 weeks). In this article, you will learn more about the different autoflowering varieties that are ready for harvest in as little as 8 weeks. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, take around 14 weeks from sowing to harvest. This is about 5 weeks of vegetative growth, followed by 9 weeks of flowering.

For those who grow their own cannabis seeds at home, speed of harvest is often one of the key factors. This is why fast flowering cannabis strains are so popular. Slow flowering strains can have many great qualities, but may not be the ideal choice if you need a quick harvest.

Many commercial growers face financial pressures to finish the growing cycle as quickly as possible and start the next crop. Home growers are often more focused on quality. If you are only starting a few crops a year, you should choose the best cannabis seeds available. Most growers want high quality with yields of unbeatable quality. But, they also expect the convenience of a quick harvest.

The following list of the top five fastest flowering cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion will help you to grow your own crops in record time.

Fast flowering cannabis seeds can be found here:

Fast flowering cannabis seeds

Bubba Island Kush feminized seeds flowering in just 7 weeks

Indica lovers looking for fast flowering seeds will love Bubba Island Kush. These high THC American feminized cannabis seeds were created by crossing Grandaddy Purple x OG Kush with a pre-1998 male seedling of Bubba Kush. Plants reach a medium height; about 1 metre indoors. Indoor cannabis growers will love the unusual flowering rate. This strain is ready to harvest after only 7-7.5 weeks of flowering. Precede that with 4 weeks of vegetative growth and you'll have high quality cannabis after just 11 weeks of growing.

The buds grown from Bubba Island Kush seeds are particularly strong, producing an intense anti-anxiety effect. Medical marijuana growers will appreciate its strong, relaxing and soothing effects, confirming it comes from the Indica family. These fast flowering seeds belong to an exclusive category of cannabis seeds from Dutch Passion with a very high THC content.

During flowering the leaves of Bubba Island Kush can become very dark. This gives it the appearance of a hash plant with extremely resinous buds and resin-covered fan-shaped leaves. Concentrate makers will love the wonderfully rich terpene profile, perfect for making delicious hash, BHO, wax and pestle.

Bubba Island Kush has an earthy kush aroma, but sour and fruity notes dominate. The heavily frosted buds are dense and compact. They provide a relaxing high that is deeply satisfying and very enjoyable. Anyone looking for a strong, fast Indica strain that produces top quality buds in the shortest possible time should opt to grow this strain. This is the best fast flowering feminized kush seed from the Dutch Passion collection.

For those who specialise in quality-focused home-growing, few Indica strains can match the speed and potency of Bubba Island Kush. This is a really fast growing cannabis strain. Optimize your grow room and grow seeds under LED lights for the highest quality harvest.

August 10, 2021 Interesting facts