Trekking poles or nordic walking - what's the difference?

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts

Hiking is very popular today. Just look at the sidewalks in the cities or forest paths during warmer days to see how many people are marching, holding special poles in their hands. There is no shortage of hikers in the mountains, either, who support themselves with this kind of equipment. However, in fact marching on flat terrain and mountainous terrain are two different disciplines, so they also need completely different accessories. In the city or the forest, nordic walking sticks are good, while in the mountains you have to take the trekking sticks. What do you know about them?

Nordic walking and trekking are outdoor physical activities, extremely beneficial to health. Both stimulate all parts of the body to work, strengthen muscles, help to lose weight, support the functioning of the cardiovascular and immune system, and help to break away from everyday life. However, they need to be clearly distinguished. Nordic walking takes place on flat terrain and is less demanding than trekking, which often takes place in difficult conditions such as the mountains. Therefore, nordic walking is usually decided by older people, while trekking is the domain of the younger generation. However, in both sports the right sticks are needed.

Trekking sticks

When hiking in the mountains or other difficult terrain, you cannot do without the right poles. They help to relieve strain on the knees and spine when climbing and also provide safety for the user. They will be especially useful for those who travel with a heavy backpack, but will also be useful for less loaded tourists. What good trekking sticks should be?

  1. Trekking poles can be made of aluminium or carbon fibre. The first material is more durable, while the second is much lighter.
  2. It is best to choose trekking poles with tungsten carbide tips, or widia. This is the most wear-resistant material.
  3. The poles may consist of several segments. It is good to choose 3-segment trekking poles, which are the easiest to transport when folded.
  4. We recommend poles with foam handles, which are comfortable and pleasant to touch.
  5. The blocking system is also very important in poles, thanks to which the pole will not fold together during the journey. It is worth betting on products with an external lever.

Nordic walking sticks

Nordic walking originated in Scandinavia, but today it is also very fashionable in Poland and other countries. Nordic walking poles are products specially designed for walking on flat terrain, so they should not be confused with trekking poles. What kind of Nordic walking sticks are worth buying in order to be able to move around in peace on pavements and paths?

  1. Beginner amateurs of Nordic Walking are recommended to use cheaper aluminium sticks. More expensive carbon sticks are good products for more advanced users.
  2. It is best to choose sticks with tungsten tips, which are very durable. If someone wants to move on the asphalt, they should buy rubber caps.
  3. Cork handles are the most convenient, but mainly used in more expensive products. Nordic walking sticks can also have elastomer handles or the cheapest plastic ones.

It's worth doing nordic walking or trekking. It's very good for the health of the discipline, and it makes you feel better. To make it easier for you to march, you need to get yourself some decent sticks. However, the choice is not easy, as manufacturers offer a wide variety of products. The trekking poles should be made of aluminium or carbon fibre, with spectral ends, 3-segment and with foam handles. Good Nordic walking poles are made of carbon, with tungsten tips, cork handles and equipped with a removable glove.

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February 13, 2020 Interesting facts