Automation of translation processes - a necessary step for your company

March 10, 2020 News

Automation of the office is primarily about making work easier and faster. Efficiency is the key to success here and at the same time allows you to gain an advantage over your competitors. It is also very important for translation agencies. Customer expectations are usually very high. The translation should be of good quality and delivered to the client in a short time. Therefore, in order to keep its clients with it, the agency has to decide on the latest solutions that will speed up the work while maintaining quality. In this case, the best option is to automate translation processes.

XTRF - software supporting automation in a translation agency

XTRF is software for process management in translation companies. It mainly covers the management of translation projects, customer databases or the invoicing process, as well as the support of sales activities, valuation preparation and quality management. XTRF software is primarily an opportunity to put the documentation in order. It enables the creation of transparent databases and provides security against the intrusion of strangers. The program is also an appropriate way to control the quality of work performed. All this makes the functioning of the company much easier and all expenses are transparent enough. It is worth introducing such a solution to your company, because it is a necessity for everyone who wants to maintain their position on the market. What's more, it saves time and effort for those working in the office.

Cat tool in cooperation with XTRF

Cat is a form of translation performed using a computer with the help of special software. However, it differs from other forms of machine translation, which use special algorithms. In fact, CAT is a program that works with a wide range of tools that are used to translate text into another language. These are, for example, those responsible for checking spelling and grammar. The software also allows you to create virtual dictionaries and glossaries, which becomes an essential element when you need more sophisticated vocabulary. Once translated, the text will help you with the next one, remembering the relevant terms. Thanks to it, the automation of translations becomes faster than ever.

In a translation agency, XTRF can be integrated with Cat tools. Thanks to this, we get a perfect text translation tool and a program for reliable company management.  Thanks to its features, XTRF has changed the translation industry and made the work of many translators easier. Together with Cat, it is a necessary equipment for every company.

The right choice for your company

The work of a translator is primarily a big responsibility. Translation of texts requires a lot of time and knowledge, and it is not necessarily associated with reliability and speed. Customers are buried in deadlocks, often forgetting how long a text has to go in order to be fully translated, while maintaining high quality. Such work will certainly be facilitated by appropriate equipment for the translator. That is why it is worth introducing XTRF software, which will provide order and a Cat tool, which will make working with text easier. The product of Krakow's company will certainly be ideal for small and medium enterprises, as well as large corporations.

March 10, 2020 News