Ranking 10 qualifications of the future. Find out who the job in 2020 will be waiting for

February 13, 2020 News

More than 30% of the most important skills, which are valued by employees today, will change within a few years. The labour market is still evolving. Find out who the job in 2020 will be waiting for.

The widespread wireless internet, production automation, digitisation, nanotechnologies - these are processes that are already changing whole branches of the economy. The fourth industrial revolution - because this is what experts call the times we live in - will continue and change the economy and labour market in the near future. Many experts assume that over the next dozen or so years the whole professions will disappear, including accountants, call center employees, bank officials or production workers.

Companies must adapt to change in order to survive. Likewise, the employees. It is already worth looking at your competences and see if they will be included in the price for five or ten years - says Joanna Żukowska from the MonsterPolska.pl job service.

The World Economic Forum, which periodically, on the basis of interviews with HR managers, forecasts what skills employers will be looking for in a few years' time, helps to identify future skills. The result is a ranking of competences. What will give work in 2020?

1) Comprehensive problem solving

It's invariably at the top of the list. It is the ability to analyze a lot of data and information, make decisions and implement solutions. In the future, its importance may decline in more automated sectors such as infrastructure and energy, but it will increase in services and IT.

2. critical thinking

The ability to reason logically and to analyze coolly is becoming increasingly important. In times of advanced technologies and complicated solutions, a person who can critically approach the situation and evaluate it will be able to weigh it down.

3. creativity

She was promoted from tenth place in the ranking. It will be an absolutely key skill not only in the industries it is associated with today - such as media and entertainment, but everywhere. The work will wait for those who think outside the box, because they will be able to invent new services and products in rapidly changing times.

4. human management

This and another feature shows that teamwork will be even more important in the employment market. Employers will need leaders who are empathic, who control body language and who can communicate clearly with people.

5. cooperation with others

The report defines it as "the ability to adapt one's decisions and behaviour to how others behave". It is therefore a matter of a certain flexibility, not to be disrespectful to one another and open to colleagues.

Employee value

6. emotional intelligence

It's new in the ranking. Research has long shown that the higher the emotional intelligence, the higher the productivity of an employee. A person with such competences is able to recognise and name his or her emotions and those of others. It can thus help to solve conflicts and relieve tension.

7 Application and decision making

The employee of 2020 must be independent. Waiting for someone to do the job for us is not a good strategy. Working in the future will require the ability to make difficult decisions quickly.

8. service orientation

It's just being a front to a client. An employee focused on helping others will be sought after in the market. It's about working in a team as well as with a client.

9 Negotiations

Conflict-free problem-solving and the ability to reconcile different views and positions has fallen in the World Economic Forum's list, but it still counts.

10. cognitive flexibility

It assumes the ability to find and combine various ideas, ideas and data. The ability to see the connections between seemingly different things guarantees the development of companies. The work of the future will be largely based on selecting the best of thousands of ideas.

Source: newsrm.tv
February 13, 2020 News