T-shirts for every occasion - types of clothing

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts

There must be shirts in every wardrobe, both men's and women's. Today, clothing manufacturers offer an extremely diverse range of products that can be part of sports or more elegant styling. The richness of cuts and prints gives a lot of possibilities and allows to easily create a perfect look, matching the current mood or character of the person. What kind of men's and women's shirts can be found in shops?

T-shirts are nowadays a basic element of the wardrobe. First of all, these cotton models are used, but they are not just simple, one-colour models. Nowadays, more original products, with interesting inscriptions, decorations or varied cuts have become fashionable. There is no doubt that everyone will find these shirts ideal for themselves, both for everyday wear and for training, such as running. What kind of shirts can the ladies and gentlemen get?

Ladies' T-shirts

A wide range of women's shirts allows women to create very different styles. There is no shortage of T-shirts in the shops' offer, which are perfect as an addition to jeans, shorts or even a skirt. The more elegant ones are also good for more chic styles. What models can ladies reach for?

  1. T-shirts with a collar - a perfect complement to a stylish looku, also for more official occasions. When going out in the evening or at an important meeting, it is worth to decide on women's T-shirts made of noble fabrics, such as silk or chiffon.
  2. T-shirts - the most popular short-sleeved women's shirts. They can be more or less matched, with print or other decorations such as sequins, patches, lace. Ideal for pants, but also for skirts, especially in looser styles.
  3. Tops - perfect women's shirts for the summer. They have shoulder straps, so they are perfect for the beach or for shopping on a hot day. Those made of a more elegant material, not cotton, with open back, lace or interesting patterns will fit perfectly into more official styles, e.g. for a party.
  4. Polo shirts - a choice for ladies who like a more sporty style. They are characterized by a collar and several buttons under the neck. They are very comfortable and are usually made of cotton. By adding jewellery to a polo shirt, you can turn it into a more chic outfit, e.g. for an evening outing with friends.
  5. Sports T-shirts - these are models most often made of polyester or other thermo-active material, which wicks sweat away well during physical activity, leaving the skin dry, even during very intense exercise. Both sports women's T-shirts and tops are available.


Men's shirts

T-shirts are also men's favourite clothing, especially because of their comfort and versatility. There is no shortage of models for men in the shops: there are many more products on the hangers than just standard T-shirts in subdued, uniform colours. Today, gentlemen can also wear printed T-shirts and add them to more casual styles. What kind of men's shirts can you get?

  1. Polo shirts - very fashionable today, not only among tennis fans. Their specific cut, with a collar and buttons, gives the style a sporty character. Men's polo shirts are very comfortable and soft products.
  2. T-shirts - T-shirts most often chosen by men of all ages. They are a perfect match for both jeans and jackets. For informal meetings you can bet on printed men's T-shirts, while for official meetings it is much better to opt for uniform-coloured T-shirts.
  3. Sleeveless T-shirts - these are very comfortable, but most of all for use on holidays, e.g. by the sea. They will also work well as part of a sports wardrobe.


T-shirts are "must have" in every wardrobe. Women's T-shirts are a wide range of collar shirts, T-shirts, tops, polo shirts or thermo-active shirts typical of sports. Gentlemen can opt for men's polo shirts, short sleeve or sleeveless models.

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts