A breakdown on the road - what to remember?

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts

A car failure at the least expected moment can happen to anyone. Road traffic regulations precisely regulate such situations, but at first the nervous participants do not think in a rational way. Inappropriate behaviour can pose a risk to other road users. How not to get paranoid and act quickly? It is worth remembering some basic principles.

Breakdowns and regulations

According to the law, if a car is damaged even after a minor bump, it can no longer be used in road traffic. So we have to tow it away and carry out urgent repairs. Of course, we must first of all remove the vehicle from the road so that it does not disturb others - it should be placed closest to the right edge of the road, on the side of the road, in a green belt or, if possible, in a nearby car park or petrol station.

In any case, the stopping on the road shall be indicated by the activation of the hazard warning signal. Behind the car you have to set up a warning triangle, which is placed on the motorway at a distance of 100 meters from the vehicle, in the undeveloped area at a distance of 30-50 meters from the vehicle, and in the built-up area at a distance of not more than 1 meter. If we leave the car, it should be done from the passenger's side, you will also need a reflective-fluorescent vest to ensure greater safety.

Assistance and remedy

When we are far from home, our relatives or friends cannot help us in an emergency. Even simple things like a puncture or battery failure can be a huge problem when you don't have the right tools and spare parts with you. Whether it's a bender's fault or another random situation, we need to provide the right help.

Damage removal consists of a number of steps, such as towing the car, assessing the damage, repairing the car and completing insurance documents. There is a towing ban on the motorway, so the only option is roadside assistance. We notify it by giving the number of the emergency column, marked every 2 km on the motorway. From the GPS position or from the markings on the picket post you can read the location, which will make it easier for the relevant units to get there.

We must remember to watch out for dishonest roadside assistance, which is counting on such opportunities and will later present us with a large bill to pay, even for a short towing section. In addition, we can be taken back to the workshop with which the roadside assistance works on a "customer has no choice" basis. Contact with the insurer may also prove difficult. In order not to get stretched out, it is necessary to look for a comprehensive service that will cover the whole procedure, from the first actions on the spot to formal issues - explains Grzegorz Tomasiak from Unique Service Partner.

Roadside assistance

Will the insurance cover the repair costs?

The practice of damage adjustment involves compensation in cash or in non-cash form. It happens that the cash valuation is sometimes underestimated by the insurer, which is obviously not compliant with the regulations and recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The duties of the comprehensive loss adjustment service will include contact with the insurer and supervision of its activities. A professional will act in our interest to ensure that the damage is fully covered by the civil liability. Currently, the organization of the repair and supervision over all its formal stages can be carried out through one entity, such as Unigue Service Partner, which not everyone knows about - says Grzegorz Tomasiak from Unique Service Partner.

Can we count on a replacement car?

What if our car has to stay in the garage for longer? Even if the accident happened near the house, it is difficult to function without a car on a daily basis. In this case, it is worth looking for a service that provides a replacement car for the entire repair period. That way, we'll save ourselves another nerve.

During a breakdown on the road, you must not panic, as our behaviour also affects other road users and can be dangerous. Whatever the situation, we need to find the right support in damage control. Nobody thinks about surprises on the road every day, but practice shows that it is worth knowing beforehand where to look for help in such situations to avoid an accidental choice that can generate much bigger problems.

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts