We often mismatch audio-video equipment. How not to make a mistake?

February 13, 2020 Cinema

Go to the shop, choose a TV, preferably the biggest one and ready - that's what many people think. However, it is not enough to enjoy a really good picture and adjust the screen to your needs and apartment. How to choose the right audio-video equipment and what news await us this year?

When looking for a TV, we have to choose the place where we put it at first. Check how the room is illuminated, from which side the light comes in. Only later should we go to the living room and check which TV lines are available on the market.

- Each line informs us about the parameters that the TV set provides. This way we can get more black, we can have better viewing angles, or multimedia, which are quite popular on TVs. New this year is the Oled Bravia A1 line, which we are launching on the market. The TV will be available in three sizes 55, 65 and 77 inches - says newsrm.tv Radosław Pietrzkiewicz, Sony Polska.

For three years now, TV manufacturers have been promoting 4K technology. Last year the new HDR technology was introduced. This gives you a brighter and more contrasting image with vivid colours, which attracts attention with greater depth and detail. The technology enables reproduction of a wider range of brightness than recordings made in the standard dynamic range. Materials recorded, processed and distributed in HDR standard are characterized by fantastic contrast and colors and allow you to get one step closer to full realism.

- Imagine that resolution gives us a lot of details, while HDR gives us details. More colors. In light or dark scenes we see more - explains Radosław Pietrzkiewicz.

Home cinema equipment

We often place the TV set in the most exposed place in the house and that is why its appearance is also very important. The whole effect is always spoiled by outgoing cables, without which our screen will not work. That's what the producers have found a way to do. On some TVs, all cables can be hidden.

After selecting a TV, it is worthwhile to match the audio equipment with it. - Of course we can set up a 5.1, 7.1 system based on the receiver. We can choose a home theater, which is easier to install. However, the trends on the market are such that the user more and more often reaches for simpler solutions, which absorb less space, i.e. soundbars - explains Jacek Mirkowski, Sony Polska.

In the case of audio equipment, it is also worthwhile to use wireless solutions. We will appreciate the advantages of such a solution by using headphones. - The second such application technology is noise-cancelling, which cuts out the noise of the surrounding background. We don't mind the sound of air-conditioning, the knocking of train wheels, the noise of engines in the plane. For athletes and active people there are headphones of special design. They are resistant to sweat, flooding, often with a bluetooth-like grip and attachments that stick well to the ear - adds Jacek Mirkowski.

At outdoor events, wireless speakers, which can also be a gadget reflecting the atmosphere of the party, will surely work. For example, we can choose wireless audio equipment that has a backlight control function.

Source: newsrm.tv
February 13, 2020 Cinema