King Lion - one of the most interesting premieres of 2019 still in cinemas

February 13, 2020 Cinema

King Lion is one of the few productions that, despite the passage of years, arouses emotion and sentiment in us. The adventures of the little Simba have already become a cult production, which can be seen recently in a completely new and renewed version. An actor's remake of a production from 25 years ago saw the light of day as early as July 19, 2019, and we are sure it became another hit that attracted millions of viewers. For some young viewers it was probably their first contact with the fate of a little lioness, while the older ones were eager to refresh one of their favourite childhood tales. Photos for the new Lion King started in 2017, it was earlier announced that a similar production would take place. The director is Jon Favreau, who is responsible for the 2016 Jungle Book, created in a similar style, and Jeff Nathanson is the screenwriter. For those who have not yet had the opportunity to see the new Lion King, we have good news - the film can still be seen in many Polish cinemas.

What do you expect?

A powerful emotional charge is certainly to be expected - especially since for many of us the death of Mufasa is still synonymous with great sadness. Those interested will certainly be pleased to know that Hans Zimmer is responsible for the music, who composed the unforgettable soundtrack of the original. The virtual reality used in production will certainly change the perception of the action, which we will observe on screen. The actor Donald Glover will be responsible for the voice of the "new" Simba, while James Earl Jones will once again play the role of Mufasa - which is surely another treat for those who remember the production from 1994, in which the actor was casting the same character. The interest in the new production can be seen in the number of page views of two official heralds. The first one, which appeared last year, was seen over 200 million times in the first 24 hours after publication. The second one at the same time could boast almost 180 million views. Everything seems to indicate that the new Lion King was associated with considerable expectations on the part of the audience - today it can be said with all responsibility that they have been fulfilled.

Where to see the new Lion King?

Currently, the Lion King cannot yet be viewed through any of the streaming services available in our country. The film is a real cinema hit - no wonder it hasn't made it online yet. You can read more about the amazing production at There you will find all the details about the film, cast, plot and the recent release. It may be worth going to the cinema as long as King Lion is broadcast in the biggest networks.

February 13, 2020 Cinema