What outfit to choose for a ride on cold days?

February 13, 2020 Sport

Autumn is a very difficult time for bikers. Rainfall, cloudiness and low temperatures make it necessary to take care of additional elements of clothing and protect against possible negative effects of ugly weather. Sooner or later you have to face this situation. Many people decide to spend the winter in the most comfortable way, i.e. to put the vehicle in the garage. Other people should pay attention to a few details that will allow us to complete our clothes in a fully comfortable and safe way.

The loss of heat is greatest in the head and feet, so it is these parts of the body that should be protected in a special way. In the case of feet, these are primarily thicker socks made of high quality materials, which protect not only from the cold but also from moisture. It is best if they are long enough, for example socks and knee laps. This type of socks made of Coolmax fabric effectively wicks moisture away from the outside, protecting feet from abrasions, prints and blisters. Additionally, it provides a feeling of full comfort and a sense of dryness inside the shoes. Their construction, fully adapted to the shape of the leg, provides full comfort for their user. Zakolanówki were created primarily for people who do not like to wear knee protectors. The sock, which covers the knee, also protects this joint from rheumatism and various diseases.

Head protection is more problematic. Cotton chimney sweep can be used on road motorcycles, in situations where we don't tire very much while riding and don't exhale the amount of steam that turns to frost in the cold. Much better solution are thermo-active chimney sweepers, made for example in Softshell technology, which protects us from the cold and wind. This can be extremely important at very low temperatures.

Autumn on a motorcycle

However, this method is not suitable for everyone, especially those who have a perfectly matched shape. In some situations, putting the chimney sweep under your helmet can cause internal pressure and discomfort. Additional pressure on blood vessels not only increases pain, but also promotes even faster head cooling. Another solution may be a neoprene mask, which effectively protects against the cold and wind, and thanks to the placement of small holes in the mouth and nose, it evacuates the exhaled air quite effectively. They are fastened with Velcro, which makes it much easier to put on and take off.

During the training break, during which we have to take off the helmet, you should put something on your head as soon as possible, for example a cap or hood. This will protect us from the additional anticipation of a sweaty head, which can result in very unpleasant consequences.

It is also worth investing in decent gloves that will protect our hand fingers from rapid cooling. The insulated motorcycle gloves are slightly thicker than typical off-road gloves, but they work well in temperatures from -15 to +15 degrees Celsius. They guarantee high resistance to cold and wind.

In the case of trunk protection, thermo-active underwear works best. If it is very cold, even a warm, cotton sweatshirt supported by a jacket that protects against water and wind may suffice, but is equipped with a large number of vents.

In every situation, however, it is important to consider whether we are going to drive slowly or plan a real training, during which we want to do our best. Our body cools down very quickly in frost and wind, so it should be protected in the best possible way. It should be remembered, however, that winter clothing makes our movements more difficult, but with time we can get used to it.

February 13, 2020 Sport