Safe road to school - much depends on the drivers

February 13, 2020 News

The holiday is coming to an end and soon the students will return to school. It's very important that they get there alive and well. Unfortunately, in Poland, statistically, every day several children aged 7-14 years are injured in a road accident. Every third one of them moves on foot. Dangerous situations can be prevented through educational measures, but the attitude of drivers is also very important.

Last year, 814 pedestrians aged 7-14 were injured in road accidents. Children are a group of pedestrians who are particularly vulnerable to being injured in an accident**. How do you counteract that?

It is the responsibility of adults to ensure that children are prepared to be road users. Parents can, for example, explain to their children how to pass through the pedestrian crossing properly," says the trainers of the Renault Riding Safety School.

However, it is worth remembering that safe crossing of the road is a real challenge for younger children, as they are only just acquiring the skills necessary to cope with this task. People under the age of eleven are not fully capable of selecting the information necessary for safe passage to the other side of the street**.

Pedestrian crossing

This means that drivers have a huge role in preventing accidents involving children on foot. Especially since police statistics show that 2/3 of all accidents involving a car hitting a pedestrian by a pedestrian happened through the fault of the driver. Such accidents also occur primarily at pedestrian crossings*, where in theory crossing the road should be safe.

According to traffic regulations, a driver approaching a pedestrian crossing should be particularly careful. - The vigilance of the driver is of great importance especially in places frequented by children, because the behaviour of the youngest is often difficult to predict and they may unexpectedly invade the road. That's why it is so important to drive at the right speed to stop the vehicle quickly in case of danger," says Zbigniew Weseli, director of the Renault Driving Safety School.

February 13, 2020 News