Lambrekins - fashionable again!

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts

The fashion for lambrekins is back. In recent years, they have hardly ever met in private homes. They could be seen more often in restaurants and hotels. For many young people, this is something new and unusual. Today they're back in favor again.

What's lambrekins?

Lambrekins, is a narrow strip of material that can be freely decorated, hung on top of the window. It is hung from the curtain, covering the curtain in the upper part. It is an elegant accessory that decorates the window. It can be with frills, pleated or decorated in various ways. In addition to its decorative function, it also acts as a sunshade. With their help we can optically resize the window. Properly selected lambrekins will allow its visual widening or narrowing.

Where do we hang lambrekins?

Most often in private apartments, lambrekins are hung in the living room, dining room or kitchen. They do not apply to offices or bedrooms, where it is important to be able to cover the entire window.

  • Kitchen lambrekines- it's a way to decorate a window without covering it all up with a curtain. In the case of a window located above a worktop or sink, the curtain could get dirty. Lambrekin allows you to decorate your window comfortably.
  • Lambrekins in the living room - here they play mainly decorative role. Large windows allow you to hang different variants of lambrekins, from very decorated to asymmetrical. Lambrekin is an additional element of the interior design. It gives him coziness and elegance.
  • Lambrekins in the dining room - just like in the living room, they have a decorative function. Properly selected, they will provide more light at meals and give the interior a cosy and homely atmosphere.

What should you pay attention to when choosing lambrekins?

Since the shops offer a very wide selection of lambrekins, you should consider what role it will play in our apartment. The shop expert advises to pay attention to such aspects as:

  • Lambrekin style is the most important thing we have to think about. Lambrekin is supposed to complete the arrangement, so it must fit perfectly. Other lambrekins fit into classic interiors and others into modern ones.
  • size- they can't be too big or too small. Too big a size will overshadow the window. Too small, he'll look unsightly. Therefore, measure the window to select the correct size.
  • Fabric - lambrekins of various materials are available on the market. From organin, satin, cotton, linen or lace. The choice of material is not just about aesthetics. It is worth noting the ease of washing, shrinkage and resistance to sunlight. We don't want the material to discolour soon.
  • Price is no less important. Among the large range of shops, you can find suitable lambrekins at moderate prices. Therefore, they should be compared.

What kind of lambrekins to choose?

You will find lambrekins of various styles and forms. In a modern interior they will look beautifully minimalistic, while in a classic living room they will surely turn out to be elegant in the shape of semi-circles. It is also important whether the lambrekin will be the only decoration of the window, or whether it will be hung simultaneously with the curtains.

  • The window without curtains, you can decorate it with a lambrekin of a kind of a wig-type - properly hung by a curtain will decorate beautifully. It is also worth thinking about cotton or linen lambrekin, as they give the arrangement of the window a light look.
  • The window with the curtains, here the hemispherical svagi lambrekins fit beautifully. They will decorate any classic interior. Extremely elegant, it extends over the entire width of the curtain rods.
  • A window without curtains is a perfect place for lace and openwork lambrekins. They are ideal for classic interiors.

Advantages of lambrekins

Lambrekin is not necessary to decorate the window, but it can add elegance and complete the styling. In case you don't want traditional window blinds, then a modern lambrekin style will be a great solution. A completely exposed window, not decorating the apartment. Lambrekin can give him style. Since these are not fixed elements of the decor, you can experiment with them as you like and hang them in different ways. All you have to do is change the lambrekin to give the interior a different character. It is a small addition to the arrangement, which gives a lot of possibilities.

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February 13, 2020 Interesting facts