How to buy a used SUV?

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts

In a world where the market has been conquered by grounded SUVs, the honour of real terrain guns is not much of a model. Not everyone can afford a new copy, but there is a way - to buy a second hand car. It's always a big risk, but it can be minimized effectively. See how to buy a real second hand truck.

Permanent four-wheel drive, reducer, differential lock and body built on a frame structure and powerful engines - contrary to appearances of fans of real off-road vehicles, there is no shortage in Poland either. They get together in clubs, organize parties and rallies, and most importantly, they help each other not only during difficult off-road crossings, but also when buying a car.

- It is not an art to find a "cool" copy, praised by the owner. The trick is to find a car that was well treated and, if possible, professionally serviced by the owner - explains Michał Horodeński, Land Cruiser Adventure Club. - The off-road environment is not big and in most cases we all know each other. Our club associates users of Toyota cars and we drive mainly Land Cruiser and Hilux models. Our club members cover tens of thousands of kilometers in their cars, often in extremely difficult terrain during long expeditions. This allows them to advise each other and help their less experienced club mates to buy their first field Toyota. What's more, clubbers often know the individual models on sale, in many cases, it happens that this car has already been checked by someone and can share their opinion. So it's worth asking, he adds.

Used from a dealer - more expensive, but much more reliable!

It also happens that a new car at an annual price will appear on the market as part of the yearbook sale. It is not in the seller's interest for last year's model to stand and dust in the parking lot, losing value, so there is relatively much room for price negotiations. In general, the more expensive the car, the easier it is to get something out of the final sum.

- If you are looking for an off-road vehicle, which is to be the so-called base for our project, it is worthwhile to check the offer at the beginning with authorized dealers of the given brand. On the one hand, the cars put up for sale are slightly more expensive than the market average, on the other hand, they are mainly pole-lease cars, which are settled in the "key for key" exchange. So we can safely assume that they come from a certain source and are a very good starting point for our new passion - explains Michał Horodeński.

Off-road vehicle

From the announcement and what's next?

According to experts' data, up to 80 percent of the advertisements in their content are false to the truth, and finding a used off-road car in good condition is much more difficult than in the case of a passenger car. Firstly, because there are far fewer such models on the aftermarket and secondly, they are often heavily exploited because of their off-road use. Such cars are also very often reworked by their owners and improved, unfortunately not always in line with the art.

It is also worth to help specialists who will check the car by its VIN number or, saving the buyer time and money, will personally check the copy we have chosen.

In the case of the first option, you can use a huge database of information about used cars via e.g. AutoDNA service. Just enter the VIN to get a lot of invaluable information about the history of the car - basic technical data of the vehicle, equipment that is coded in the VIN, purpose of the vehicle - e.g. leasing or rental. But not only that, but also - and perhaps even more importantly - information about possible collisions and accidents or data about the previous course indications. In addition, information about possible theft or archival photos from accident reports. On the basis of the report, a real valuation can also be obtained, based on the number of owners, date of first registration, mileage of the vehicle or its equipment, among others.

The second option is an inspection of the car carried out by an expert - this type of service is offered by such services as Self-Check or Motoraporter. How does it work? All you have to do is place an order via the website or hotline and indicate the car you are interested in, and within 48 hours you will receive a reliable and transparent report that will enable you to make a decision. During this time, the expert will inspect the technical condition of the car and analyze its documentation and history. It will check, among others, the condition of paint, windows, tyres and rims, interior and upholstery, lights, engine compartment, as well as perform a test drive and price the car according to its actual condition. He will also make full photographic documentation. With such a report it is important that you are not limited by your location, because you can check the car from any place in Poland, and thanks to that you know how much it is worth paying for it, but also what expenses await you after buying it.

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts