Continental tyres in ports and airports

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts

Continental, a leading supplier of solutions for the automotive industry, is actively developing its specialist tyre division (CST) and is systematically expanding its range of very narrow specialty tyres for professional machines used in various industrial sectors. With the needs of vehicle operators working in ports and airports in mind, he has developed a comprehensive range of specialist tyres for gantry trucks, container handling lift trucks, tractors and terminal trailers and heavy forklift trucks.

Tyres for container trolleys

The ContainerMaster and DockMaster series are tyres that can be mounted on container handling lift trucks, empty container handlers and heavy forklift trucks. While the ContainerMaster is ideal for frequent vehicle manoeuvring under extreme loads, the DockMaster with its smooth tread pattern is designed for particularly extreme tasks. Both models have robust side walls for protection against damage and good traction. In addition, tyres not only reduce fuel consumption, but also the so-called 'pinch effect' that occurs when twin tyres are fitted to a vehicle.

Backhoe dumper tyres

Specially designed for backhoe loaders, StraddleMaster tyres are designed to provide not only greater safety, but also better service and lower operating costs. They are characterized by excellent stability, low rolling resistance, as well as excellent braking parameters - they enable shortening the braking distance even
by 30 percent.

Tyres for gantry and mobile port cranes

Gantry cranes often rotate under load, which causes great stress on the tyres and leads to abrasion and tyre damage. To keep this effect to a minimum, Continental has developed the CraneMaster tyre designed to improve performance and durability under very high loads. The tyres are characterised by an extremely robust construction that reduces tyre wear, low rolling resistance and higher resistance to damage.

Terminal tractor tyres

The TractorMaster range of tyres has been designed to meet the requirements of tractors used for transporting materials in port terminals and loading yards. The tyre has an exceptionally deep tread, which not only guarantees the tyre's strength, but also better stability. The revised groove geometry makes it impossible to grab stones, and the strong design provides greater load capacity, making it easy for the vehicle to carry heavy loads. In addition, the lateral ribbing allows the tyre to work even in adverse weather conditions, while providing above-average traction. In addition, TractorMaster tyres are equipped with the patented Continental Visual Axial Toe Index (VAI), which indicates incorrect wheel alignment and suspension alignment without the need for complex electronic measurements.

Carriage of heavy loads

Terminal trailer tyres for all types of surfaces

TerminalMaster tyres are all-purpose tyres with excellent performance that are designed to cover long distances with low rolling resistance and excellent grip and traction. This model is perfect for heavy cargo transportation in air terminals.

Tyres for extreme applications

The ContiRV20 is a solid, closed-edge radial tyre for the toughest conditions. This is ideal for tractors, trailers and forklifts used in harbours with uneven surfaces. The tyres provide maximum power transmission efficiency while providing excellent grip even on wet surfaces. The ContiRT20 range is a forklift tyre with open tread edges, stiffened sidewalls and deep treads that not only provide good grip even on wet roads, but are also extremely resistant to damage.

In addition, Continental has developed the Trailer series of solid, non-inflating tyres, especially for use in conditions with a very high risk of impact and damage. The Trailer tyres are extremely stable and resistant to damage and punctures, and the smooth running surface prevents tread grooves from chasing.

Continental's specialist tyre department also offers fleets a pneumatic tyre pressure monitoring system. ContiPressureCheck facilitates the efficient management of vehicle fleets in ports and airports by constantly monitoring tyre pressure levels and temperatures using sensors mounted inside the tyre. Such constant pressure monitoring not only improves driver and vehicle safety, but also reduces fleet operating costs.

February 13, 2020 Interesting facts