Wide positioning. What's that? How does it work?

February 13, 2020 Computer and Internet

The broad positioning is increasingly becoming an implemented strategy. This is due to the fact that this way, in quite a short time, you can generate a lot of traffic on the site and relatively easily place yourself among the top ten search results. What are the advantages of wide positioning?

First, let's start by explaining the most important thing - what broad positioning is actually? Within this strategy, a phrase consisting of several dozen words is subject to positioning, completely different from traditional positioning, where the emphasis is on just a few words. How does it work in practice? A group of words creates a long tail.

How does wide positioning work?

When a person looking for a particular product enters the phrase "winter cap", they have no chance of receiving a link to a page that offers the product they are interested in. In such a situation, the inquiry is subject to further clarification and takes the form of the "Adidas men's winter hat black". The content thus constructed gives a much better chance to get to the right product quickly.

What are the advantages of wide positioning?

The important information is that the pool of long tails is very large. In practice, this makes the store often hosts the top ten search results. However, it should be stressed that in the vast majority of cases, short phrases are searched. So what is the point of wide positioning? It is simple - such a strategy quickly translates into sales growth.

People who use short phrase inquiries most often perform market reconnaissance - they watch, plan to buy. In the case of long tails, the customer is usually focused on the purchase of the item, so a visit to the website of the online shop usually ends with a purchase/sale transaction.

Not without significance is the fact that there is much less competition in wide positioning. This makes it easier to "jump in" to the top ten and generate traffic to the site. The intended effect is achieved faster, and there is no need to explain how much benefit this situation creates.

Not without significance are also lower positioning costs. General phrases are used by many companies, so the positioning process is longer and requires more effort. This can't leave the price unaffected. When there is less competition, positioning is much faster and therefore also cheaper.

Positioning wide - what should be kept in mind?

But you have to know that not everyone will benefit from such a strategy. A broad positioning is possible, provided that there is a lot of content on the site. This is due to the mechanism of search engines, which evaluate the website in terms of answers to the query. If the content is scarce, the search engine cannot determine whether the website provides a sufficiently comprehensive response.

This technique will work well for large stores that offer a wide and deep range of products or many services. If there are several products offered on the website, it is better to bet on short phrases.

February 13, 2020 Computer and Internet