Walking evil - that is, exorcisms appearing on the world cinema screen

February 13, 2020 Cinema

The movie "Presence" appeared on cinema screens, which shows a lot of characteristic features of demonic possession. Such films have been selling very well lately and have been lumping on the screens for a long time.

The story is set in a deserted town of Harisville. In the house of Roger and Carolyn, one of the five daughters seems to be pulling her leg while sleeping. And the mother wakes up bruised. There is an unpleasant smell of a corpse in the air, which soon disappears. The stink was disgusting. The demons in the plot throw everything off the walls, stop the clocks, search for chairs, throw and possess people through no fault. Items throw against the wall. The whole activity of expelling them is quite a challenge. This is a difficult and hard time.

The author James Wan surely amazes the whole plot of the audience. It represents a large group of ghosts who do all kinds of terrible things. He also returns to the threads from previous stories about exorcisms. However, this film is directed towards the present day with current trends. The films such as "Rosemary's Child" by Roman Polanski and "Exorcist" by William Friedkin are still remembered. That's what the current cinema is most inspired by. The theme of fighting demons is becoming very popular again. The times when everything is scientifically proven are disturbed by the creators of horror films, more and more often they present supernatural phenomena in their works.

Interesting horrors

Often at the beginning of horror movies the phrase "Based on authentic events" appears. In the case of "Presence" the story is based on the life of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who dealt with supernatural phenomena. Lorraine is an old lady, and Ed is already dead. A gray old lady opened a museum of the occult in her house. It shows the skin of a tiger that was supposed to kill 33 people, or a doll that left bloody marks and handwritten notes. Their family helped the Parrins' marriage to overcome their possessions. Mrs. Perron even published a book that describes her traumatic life stories.

Currently, there are many films on the screens with infernal plots that take control of the human world. The audience is fascinated and hungry for new stories that are undiscovered for them. They believe that there is another life, another world in which the struggle for souls takes place - the soul of ordinary mortals . Demons want to seize good souls. They wonder if good will win against evil? Or will this fight ever end? The fascination with the : "The Last Exorcism," "Emily Rose's Exorcisms." Is it worth believing in such stories?

February 13, 2020 Cinema