Home cinema is not just about equipment

February 13, 2020 Cinema

Home cinema is not only the highest quality equipment for image and sound, but a center of home entertainment that affects all the senses. Therefore, the elements such as the right mood of the interior, comfort and convenience, influencing the reception of the film, are also important. Somfy products offer a comprehensive range of automation, adapted to a spectacular home theater, which can be freely controlled.

Home cinema is supposed to provide us with positive emotions and sensations, so it is worth taking care of all the elements that enhance the recipient's experience. Even the best parameters of equipment, offering sound and image, will not be fully utilized if we do not create the right atmosphere in the room.

Light plays an important role in shaping the home cinema space. It strengthens all sensations and creates and enriches the mood. The ability to control it allows, for example, to increase the contrast of the displayed image and prevents daylight reflections on the screen. This is facilitated by automation, allowing users to freely manage both artificial and natural lighting, thus changing room functions.

- Integrating the operation of the home cinema set with home automation can smoothly activate the film screening function. Depending on the settings within the scenario called for, the window covers can then be lowered to a position that ensures an optimal supply of natural light, or the system can provide atmospheric artificial lighting that matches the room for better reception," stresses Cezary Krupa, Marketing Manager at Somfy, a company designing home automation and systems used in the intelligent home.

Room arrangement

The system settings can be changed individually and at any time by the user, e.g. using a special application installed in the home iPad or Android tablet.

An interesting idea used more and more often in the home cinema zone is the projection screen and digital projector. A screen equipped with a silent drive, controlled from the remote control or tablet, does not disturb the peace of home. The projector, on the other hand, if the structure of the building allows, can be lowered from the ceiling on a specially adapted powered lift, controlled from the same remote control as the screen.

- A convenient to use control system consisting of local and central controls, allows us to control the lighting, screen and projector in a synchronised manner. Undoubtedly, it is also a convenience to be able to control individual elements of the home cinema system from a tablet or a smartphone, which greatly improves comfort and saves time. Thanks to automation, we can transform our regular room into a real cinema room in a dynamic and simple way, without getting up from the chair - adds Cezary Krupa.

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February 13, 2020 Cinema