Professional motorcycle maintenance

February 13, 2020 Sport

Motorcycle maintenance work and used repair parts

Winter is the best time to check the condition of your motorcycle. It is worth checking the chassis first of all to make sure that the motorcycle is suitable for further riding. A good choice will be to check the suspension components, but also the wheels. This gives you one hundred percent confidence that your motorcycle has no technical faults. Great care must be taken with the components in the rear suspension, as this is where the components that belong to the bearing type are located. They are exposed to numerous contaminants and moisture penetration into these areas, so it is certainly worth paying special attention to these elements, so as not to expose yourself to some greater safety by accident. It is worth not only cleaning the motorcycle, but also lubricating it thoroughly, you can do it yourself, but also have it done by a professional who has a lot of experience in this field.

Maintenance work on cross enduro motorcycles

Cross enduro motorcycles are becoming more and more popular on the Polish market, of course one cannot forget about numerous maintenance works to prepare this equipment for optimal driving. Here you can replace the bearings, but also the appropriate cartridges. For many users of motorcycles of this type it can be a big problem, so there are some most important tips on how to do it yourself. This will give you new skills in the field, and every motorcycle user should be able to handle the maintenance work. All the advice comes from qualified professionals, so you can rely on them without fear, it is worthwhile to take a closer look especially at the ideas that relate to heating and freezing individual steel elements in cross enduro motorcycles, although they can also be applied to aluminium elements.

Motorcycle overview

The most important advice for beginners is

- Get the necessary tools - you will need the necessary tools for the job, here we are talking about a motorbike jack, but also a set of keys that will allow you to do the work. Grease, as well as a cleaning spray, will also prove useful. With such sprays you can remove not only dirt, but also numerous impurities,

- Dismantling of motorcycle components - at this point, the person concerned may proceed to disassemble all major components of the motorcycle, including the shock absorber, rocker arm and articulation joint,

- Further disassembly work cannot stop there, so it is advisable to carry out further disassembly work, all sealants, spacers, spacers and bushings must be removed from the motorcycle to check whether they are working or need to be replaced,

- Thorough cleaning of the components - all components must be cleaned very thoroughly, of course with all precautions. It is worth using special sprays, which can be purchased in many places,

- Inserting the elements into their place - all the elements have to be carefully inserted into the places that are intended for them,

- Applying copper paste - it is worth to apply copper paste to the pins, so nothing bad will happen to them. This way you can avoid service in the following weeks. Using the right tool sets will save you not only nerves but also time.

February 13, 2020 Sport